Employee Surveys

Whilst all manager’s like to think they know their staff and when they are happy or unhappy, the truth is, not many manager’s really know what is going on in their employee’s minds - good and bad.  The key is to know this information and then use it constructively for the business.   As we all know any business is only as good as the people who work for it so by ensuring you know your staff you can get the best from them for your business.

Employee Surveys serve a purpose by asking the employee their opinions and gauging employee attitudes to things like culture changes, new initiatives, recent restructures etc. You can also gauge how committed your employee’s are to your Company and how engaged they are in their jobs.

Efficient use of employee surveys enables you to ask your employees what they are thinking and decide what your business needs to do to ensure higher productivity, lower absenteeism and improve general morale, relationships and retention.

Open Road HR will work with closely with you to ensure that Employee Survey’s are built to meet specific issues within your business at that time.   We will collate all feedback and generate this in to reports which we will then deliver to your managers and staff if required and suggest any changes necessary to improve any problem area’s.

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