Why Outsource HR?

Organisations outsource HR services for different reasons and our approach is to understand each client’s needs and then provide them with the HR services that they require. However to give you some food for thought here are some key reasons to consider HR outsourcing:

  1. Improve quality – If you are an SME it will give you access to HR expertise that you might otherwise not be able to afford;
  2. Improve availability of resource – You have that HR resource and expertise available every business day of the year – no need to worry about staff sickness or holiday absence;
  3. Reduce cost – an employee costs not only salary but Employers’ National Insurance, Employee Benefits, paid holiday and often paid sickness absence and often overlooked – office overheads. It has been estimated that the true cost of an employee on average is salary x 1.7 to account for these additional on-costs;
  4. Improve efficiency – HR outsourcing allows organisations to become more efficient. Focusing on what is key to the success of their business;
  5. Innovation - Open Road HR, as an HR outsourcing company deal with a wide variety of organisations. This exposes us to many different organisational cultures and methods and helps us learn and innovate in the ways that we work for the benefit of our clients and ourselves. The more efficient we can be, the more competitive we can be.

What can you outsource?
Open Road HR is able to offer you a variety of packages meaning you can outsource as much or as little of your HR needs to us as you want.  Area’s you may consider outsourcing include - recruitment processes including job design, people specification, job analysis, absence management, people reviews/appraisals, Support with any aspect of disciplinary, grievance, or dispute, starters and leavers processes including probation management, new starter interviews and exit interviews (along with analysis of this data), HR administration or any mixture of the above.  

Open Road HR offer’s retainer packages tailored to meet your needs depending on your outsource requirements.

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